Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Manzi Crucifix

Hello to all who have been following my new blog. I hope you might scroll down to see previous posts as well.  I am skipping all over the place in terms of time...placing posts as I find new and some very old images. Posting about new (last summer, Minne Ha Ha Statue for Lake George) and old sculpture, and the processes that went into creating them.  My focus is to give some behind the scenes views into the life of a sculptor.  What is required BEFORE the actual work begins.  Also, what goes on during and after.

THE MANZI CRUCIFIX project is a long story, but one some will find very interesting. This will take a few posts, so I can reveal what happened, how I was chosen to design and create the piece, and all the magic occurrences throughout. One of the most unusual things that happened was at Skidmore College in my evening figure sculpture class just as I got the commission in 1997.  A woman in my class kept raising her hand as I went on about how very fortunate I had been to have been considered to do this piece.  I went on, but finally called on her.  She said, and I quote..."you might want to talk to my father."
Well, this began a months long collaboration with Dr. Frederick Zugibe, one of the foremost experts on crucifixion in the world.  And my student and friend Kathy Blaber's dad.  Much more on this, and Dr. Zugibe's research, etc. which informed my work.  Above you will see two photos that were taken after the piece was installed in St. Joseph's Church in Millstone, New Jersey. The Head was given as a Christmas gift that December from me.  Christ's face, upturned and at this height (14 feet off the ground) was difficult to see.  So I used the mold for the crucifix figure and cast a separate head for a side chapel.

The #2 in the planned edition of 6 was purchased by St. John the Evangelist Church in West Chester, Ohio.  #3 in the edition was to be the last, due to deterioration of the mold.  #3 is currently available, and looking for a home.

Much more on the Crucifix and many other of my sculptures in all media, coming soon.  Every day is different!

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