Tuesday, February 10, 2015

And so, to continue my narrative about the creation of the Robert Rogers statue...
I think we are on the third in the synchronicity series, by the way- # 1 was Janine getting the inquiry about a bronze sculptor who could do the piece.  #2 was my finding the young former Ranger who was willing to pose for me.  And so...

Here is a shot of the signature which I placed on the 'rock' Rogers kneels on.  Again, in Chavant Clay- as the entire piece was. Since the client, Mr. Nastasi, was coming to review the piece in clay, I had to build a side porch as he was in a wheelchair and would not be able to enter the studio.  Here are a couple of photos of the clay original on the side porch at Manzi Studios in 2004.  Rogers had 27 faces before I was satisfied with the look.  One was with a beard, which the client immediately dismissed.  Really?  Did soldiers of the time in the woods truly shave each and every day?  Not my choice, but I did like the final look. 
Now, as you will see, the arm was designed to be removed for molding.  This often happens with large figurative work.  He is supported by a post in his chest for strength while the work was being done. I decided that Polich/Tallix Foundry would do the mold, as I wanted them to have exactly what they wanted for the wax prep. Usually I do the mold, saving the client in budgeting.

Synchronicity #3
I decided after many years that I was no longer going to be carving marble, and therefore did not need the air compressor I had been storing in the house.  I put it out in front of the house with a sign...FREE.
Soon a truck with a crane pulled up and began to question me about the compressor. He would take it, but did I need anything done he could assist with? Well, as a matter of fact, I would when the bronze was finished, need transport to Rogers Island.  DONE!

The final face was informed by my finding the Great great (great, how many greats was that?) nephew of Robert Rogers in Canada.  His wife took some face shots and I was able to get a great feeling for the structure he probably had. Is this synchronicity #4, I lose count.
Here we are after rubber molding and casting in wax at Polich Tallix in Rock Tavern, NY  So thrilled to be able to work with my friend Vanessa Hoheb and all the artists at Polich.  I found the Major in pieces suspended from the ceiling. It was my job to 'touch him up'.  So exciting.
Someone please remind me to talk more about Vanessa and her dad, the sculptor Bruce Hoheb.

More soon!

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