Sunday, February 15, 2015

     To finish up my combined posts about the Robert Rogers bronze statue creation, a couple of extra photos.
Robert Rogers great great great nephew from Canada, who I used as a model for the face.  Robert came all the way down from his home (dressed in the suit he had had made) to be there at the unveiling of the statue.

A small clay piece I was developing for the Army's use at the Ranger school.  It is cast from the original mold of the maquette.  The glaze is clay from Rogers Island.  I hope visitors to this blog might ask me about this little project.  Fascinating. 
A quiet moment with Janine Thomas, who was responsible for getting me the commission.  So thankful for Janine!

Detail of the bronze maquette. Just love this little piece at 11 inches in solid bronze.

And so, there it is.  What a wonderful project for a sculptor so interested in history. Oh, and a side 
note from the unveiling, and the last in the synchronicity list;
Mr. Nastasi had asked that we have a Sabrett's Hot Dog truck at the Island, and that he would give everyone lunch that day.  Two weeks before I had been at a town wide event in Northville and had seen a Sabrett's truck.. This is not an everyday occurrence up here.  I hired the owner and we had a great lunch, complete with Indians in total costume; loincloths and body make-up, standing in line for hot dogs.  Missed that shot.  Channel 10 was there, as were the local news outlets.  A great day for all.

More very soon.  Do write and inquire about anything that interests you.


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